David Valdes was born in Spain, in the city of Malaga the 14 of May of 1977. David moved with his parents to Tarragona. He began to take his first steps as a musician at the age of 13 years old. Discovering an acoustic guitar in the closet of his father, he became very fond guitars and music. This started his serious passion with playing the guitar.

David obtained his first electric guitar at the age of 14. His early musical influences include death metal and thrash, joining his first group called Metal Witch. Later as his musical experience grew David discovered the magic of Yngwie Malmsteen and his classical influences of J.S.Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. After Malmsteen came the brilliant pairing of Marty Friedman and Jason Becker who made David change his style radically, adding more and more to his guitarist style. David then picked up two essential didactic videos from Vinnie Moore and Paul Gilbert, enhancing his picking techniques and shred styling.

As his playing advanced his band got larger gigs in and around the Catalonia region of Spain. David recorded his first demo with the Metal Witch group. David went on to collaborate with bands like OUIJA and BETWEEN THE FROST. Also working with local bands NORDHIMEL, MEI DEI, WITCH and some other local projects.

After listening to many musical styles David finally settled on heavy instrumental metal music. Absorbing many styles and influences, transformed over years into his own style. Classical music has also been a big influence, particularly composition. David's' favourite composers are: F.Chopin, J.S.Bach, W.A.Mozart, L.V.Beethoven, A.Vivaldi, N.Paganini.

His first demo as instrumental guitarist was record in his house with a computer, covering 5 musical subjects in cover various musical ideas. working by himself David wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered and published all tracks. Davides first instrumental CD was “Paradise Lost” featuring 11 songs and “Imhotep” with 13 songs. David recorded all musical instruments using the computer including bass, drums and keyboards.

David Valdes has conducted its highest aspiration with a new album called "World In Obscure" with 13 songs full of melodies, riffs and guitar technique much used in their didactic dvds.

After publishing the CD with Heaven cross Record company David completed work on “Imhotep”. David has since published a new didactic DVD for guitar entitled "Iniciacion A La Guitarra Solista" with David recording, mixing, mastering all the material published.

David Valdes currently works for Tarragona City Council during the day, playing the guitar in his free time.

David Valdes use:


Ibanez: PGM 301, RG Prestige 2627ZE, RG Prestige 1527 Custom, PGM 301 Custom


Power Amp:

Power Amp: Engl E840/50 2x50w

Cavinet: Marshall 2x12 150w

Cavinet: Marshall 4x12 140w



Pre-amp: AXE-FX

Pre-amp: Marshall JMP1

Pre-amp: Rocktron Voodu Valve 

Multiefects: Alexis Quadraverb

Noise Gate: Hush Super C

Maximizer: BEE Sonic Maximizer 

Drive: Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9



Strings: Ernie Ball 09-42

Picks: Dunlop U.S.A. 1,5mm


Software, VST:

Cubase 5

Drums: Toontrack EZ Drummer, Superior 2.0 Metal Foundry

Bass: Spectrasonics Trillian

Keyboards: Hypersonic 2, Atmosphere, Kontakt


David Valdes - CD World In Obscure (2013)

David Valdes - CD Imhotep (2006)

David Valdes - CD Paradise Lost (2002)

David Valdes - CD Jam Tracks Improvisation 1 (2008)

David Valdes - DVD Iniciación A La Guitarra Solista (2004)

David Valdes - DVD Ejercicios 1 (2008)

David Valdes - DVD Lost In The Dark Curse (2008)




A Tribute To Jason Becker - Warmth In The Wilderness Vol. II

Arnaldo Garcia - Hurricane

Pablo G. Soler - Higher

Between The Frost - Instinct of Surliness

Between The Frost - Realms Of Desolation

Symawrath - Incestuous Overture In The Cristal Auditorium

Guitarristas.info - Vol 1

Virtuoso Music Compilation CD - Virtual Guitar Virtuosos

Ankor - Al Fin Descansar

A Tribute To Jason Becker - Warmth In The Wilderness Vol. II

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